Postcode Boosts Price Tag Along Main Roads

“Location, location, location” is likely the most ubiquitous phrase associated with the property industry. It is based on the idea that the location of a property is directed related to its value. The more sought after a neighbourhood, street or even building is, the more money a property can command in the realty market if it’s in a favourable area. In Melbourne, the price of units separated by only a few blocks can differ by more than $400,000. This disparity in prices is made more obvious by the postcode associated with a certain set of addresses along Beach Rd in Hampton.

When looking into moving to a desirable postcode, such as in the Hampton area, be diligent in your research as you might be able to save a considerable amount of money by shopping just a few blocks further down the road. This price sensitivity is especially felt in Hampton due to neighbouring Brighton. Head over to The Weekly Times for a full rundown of median apartment prices along Beach Rd in Hampton.

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